Weight of Silence

Weight of Silence

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The wrong secret can poison everything--even if ita€™s kept with the best of intentions. Cost of Repairs, Book 3 Gavin Perez knows hea€™s a living clichAc. He works a dead-end job, shares a trailer with his waitress mom, has an abusive, absentee sperm donor, and hea€™s poor. So color him shocked when middle-class, white-bread Jace Ramsey agrees to hang out with him. Granted, Gavin is trying to make up for dumping a bowl of cranberry sauce on Jace at Thanksgiving. And boy, is Gavin forgiven, over and over again...until Jace goes back to college for finals and stops returning Gavina€™s calls. Back home from the semester from hell, Jace doesna€™t want to do anything but sleep through the holidays. Ita€™s easier than coming out to his familya€”or facing Gavina€™s hurt. But Gavina€™s ready forgiveness draws them back together, and Jace wona€™t be able to stay in the closet much longer. Nor will he be able to keep hiding his pain. He trusts Gavin with his body, maybe even with his heart. But can he trust that a devastating secret thata€™s eating him up inside wona€™t destroy everythinga€”and everyonea€”he loves? Warning: This book contains one slightly hyperactive hero from the wrong side of town, a frustrated college student looking for a little life experience, and an unexpected romance amid dark secrets that just wona€™t stay buried. Also contains references to physical abuse some readers may find disturbing.I mean, in a town like this, I figure Ia#39;d have heard if you died, but you did kind of disappear off the face of the Verizon network for a while.a€ a€œYeah, Ia#39;m sorry ... a€œ Finals really got to me, and then I had to change my phone number.a€ a€œWhya#39;d you have ... a€œI kept getting these obnoxious anonymous texts and calls on my cell. Ia#39;d block a number and a new one would pop up, so I finally changed the number.a€ a€œ Someanbsp;...

Title:Weight of Silence
Author:A. M. Arthur
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2013-08-06


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