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The ultimate record of arms and armour An epic 4, 000-year illustrated story of weaponry. From stone axes to heavy machine-guns, swords to sniper rifles, discover the innovative design, range, lethal function and brutal history of arms and armour, and meet the warriors who wielded them. Includes all the important arms from the ages, covering edged weapons, clubs, projectiles and firearms from ancient Egyptian axes, through bows and spears of traditional societies in Africa, Oceania and the Americas, to the machine-guns and missiles of modern infantry forces. Key weapons from every era are presented in sharp detail and the mechanisms that operate them are displayed and explained. Top fighting forces, from the Greek hoplite to the Navy Seal are profiled, and the weapons they have wielded and the tactics and fighting methods theya€™ve used are revealed.... 17, 221, 236-7 pits, 178 Remington rolling block, 249 repeater, manual-loading , 18, 252-3, 256-9, 289, 300-1 self-loading, ... S18-100 anti-tank rifle, 341 S-686 Beretta shotgun, 313 SA80 rifle, 310-11, 331 sabre, 10, 11, 128, 182, 184-5, 191anbsp;...

Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Ltd - 2008-04-01


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