We were in the big one

We were in the big one

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To the generation that lived through it, World War II will always be the qBig One.q Archie Bunker would proudly proclaim in the 1970s sit-com All in the Family, qI was in the Big One, Double-ya, Double-ya Two.q In doing so, he intoned the creed of his generation. In the generations that have followed, there has been renewed interest in this period, evidenced by the popularity of movies like Saving Private Ryan and the television series Band of Brothers. World War II was truly the largest and greatest conflict in U.S. history. Americans spent more tax dollars, joined the armed forces in greater number, fought in more places, and waged war as part of a grander alliance than in any other war in the country's past. We Were in the Big One: Experiences of the World War II Generation is a collection of diary entries, letters, photographs, and other documents from the World War II era. Carefully selected by Mark P. Parillo from the Eisenhower Library's World War II Participants Collection and other archives, these documents show how the war affected Americans across gender lines, across social and political spectrums, on the home front, and on the battlefield. This compelling book demonstrates how the war truly influenced an entire generation of Americans. We Were in the Big One will inform and entertain all those interested in World War II and American history.I also got a letter from Miss Woods. Well, time to quit. Love, Gene THE M1 WAR DEPARTMENT BASIC FIELD MANUAL 23-5, U.S. RIFLE, CALIBER .30, M1 ( 1940)aquot; Every U.S. infantryman in World War II came to know well the M I Garandanbsp;...

Title:We were in the big one
Author:Mark P. Parillo
Publisher:Scholarly Resources Inc - 2002


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