We Survived- So Can You:

We Survived- So Can You:

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As a former doctorate student, this guide was written to encourage and support students who are thinking about pursing a Doctorate or PhD or who is currently on the journey of achieving their goal and earning their title of Doctor. It is the intention of this guide to prepare you for writing your dissertation. I have offered you suggestions and recommendations that will make the process manageable, enjoyable, and not so overwhelming. It is important to note this journey will challenge you and test your determination; I am here to say to you do not give up but to keep pressing forward. Take a breather when needed and get back to work. Create sentences of inspiration; write your dreams out so they may serve as a reminder of why you are on this journey. The journey may be long and hard, but it too will have an end. At that time you will can sit back with a smile, shed a tear, and laugh as you have realized that your determination has pulled you through. Good luck and I wish you success as your complete your goal of becoming a doctor.A Guide To Writing A Successful Dissertation Dr. Stanislas and Dr. Clodi. Committee Member Selection. Apply. the same method used for acquiring and selecting a mentor/dissertation chair to select your committee members. If the universityanbsp;...

Title:We Survived- So Can You:
Author:Dr. Stanislas and Dr. Clodi
Publisher:Author House - 2013-06-07


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