We Are the Union

We Are the Union

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Dana L. Cloud engages union reformers at Boeing in Wichita and Seattle to reveal how ordinary workers attempted to take command of their futures by chipping away at the cozy partnership between union leadership and corporate management. _x000B__x000B_Focusing on the 1995 strike at Boeing, Cloud renders a multi-layered account of the battles between the company and the union and within the union led by Unionists for Democratic Change and two other dissident groups. She gives voice to the company's claims of the hardships of competitiveness the entrenched union leaders' calls for concessions in the name of job security, alongside the democratic union reformers' fight for a rank-and-file upsurge against both the company and the union leaders._x000B__x000B_Incorporating theory and methods from the fields of organizational communication as well as labor studies, Cloud methodically uncovers and analyzes the goals, strategies, and dilemmas of the dissidents who, while wanting to uphold the ideas and ideals of the union, took up the gauntlet to make it more responsive to workers and less conciliatory toward management, especially in times of economic stress or crisis.In 2010, the P-9 strike reached its twenty-five-year anniversary. ... Boston College Law Review 45 (2003): 125a€”46; Iulius Getman, Betrayal of Local 14 (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1998). ... to a strategy by which long-experienced workers conduct their labor strictly according to job description and training manuals.

Title:We Are the Union
Author:Dana L. Cloud
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2011-11-01


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