Way of the Gun

Way of the Gun

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Even at seventeen years old, Carson Ryan knows enough about cow herding to realize the crew hea€™s with is about the worst ever. Theya€™re taking the long way around to the Montana prairies, and theya€™re seriously undermanned. While rounding up strays, Ryan hears gunshots ring across the range. Suspecting an Indian attack, he gallops straight into a U.S. Army raid instead. The outfit hea€™s with is nothing but a bunch of murdering cattle rustlers, and the law thinks hea€™s one of them. Tied up, thrown in jail, and tried by a court thata€™s more interested in hanging a man than learning the truth, Carson has only two options: escape or die trying.a€œAnd we need these guns he speaks of, a€ Walking Fox commented. ... Cut Hand had an old trading post single-shot rifle, while Lame Foot had a double-barrel shotgun, with only a few shells, and Walking Fox had only a how. He would give one of them his Spencer carbine to use, but that still left them at a disadvantage in a gunfight with the white men. ... But this one had triggered something in his memory.

Title:Way of the Gun
Author:Charles G. West
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-03-05


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