Watch Eye

Watch Eye

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A distraught young man enlists in the US military. Robert, the young man in question, turns to the arm forces with the high hopes of breaking the downward cycle of his life. He enters basic training with empty pockets, great aspirations, and a heart full of love, but fate has already decided the path he must take. His birth has seen to that. Robert always sensed he was different, but he couldn't figure out why. During a routine military aptitude test Robert's unrealized secret is exposed. The test shows Robert to possess an extraordinary photographic memory. This discovery buys Robert a one way express ticket to an ultra secret government project. Robert, dazed and bewildered by the change in events, clings to the only friend he can find, a beautiful doctor by the name of Cindy. Under the watchful eye of the project's director, Cindy works her charms and quickly seduces Robert. Cindy convinces Robert, through a combination of seduction and force, to participate in a weird mind altering experiment. The experiment works, with some unusual side effects. Robert becomes a reluctant special field agent, but time takes its toll and he finally snaps. He is unofficially forced out to pasture, where he lives a life of a friendless hermit until he is needed again at a project called Watch Eye. Robert arrives at his new assignment cleanly shaven and armed with a fresh attitude, but before he can start, World War III breaks out. He ends up being frozen in time for over five hundred years before awaking to a New World, a new alien race and a new girlfriend.It was obvious she had implanted more than just military instruction manuals from the way I picked the lock on the door. Now I was about to disarm an advance security system without much effort. Yes, that Cindy definitely did more than she letanbsp;...

Title:Watch Eye
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-04-03


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