Wall Street Versus America

Wall Street Versus America

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A shocking appraisal that shows how Wall Street is intrinsically corrupta€”and what individual investors can do to protect themselves For several years high-profile corporate wrongdoers have been vilified by the media. Yet the problem, according to Gary Weiss, is not just a few isolated instances of malfeasance. The problem is in the very fabric of Wall Street and its practices that enable and even encourage corruptiona€”practices that are so pervasive and so difficult to combat that they are in effect perfect crimes, with the small investor left holding the bag. In this blistering report from the front, Weiss describes how the ethos of Mafia chophouses, boiler rooms, and penny stock peddlers now permeates all of Wall Street. Protected from investor lawsuits by laughably corrupt arbitration systems, Wall Street firms are free to fleece unsuspecting clients with little or no risk. But as this empowering book shows, ordinary investors can fight back and come out on topa€”if they learn to recognize warning signs, filter media chatter, and spot looming corporate meltdowns in advance. Prepare to be surprised, get angry, and then get even. Wall Street Versus America is a wild ride you cana€™t afford to miss.... DTCC, which he blamed for his FinancialWire aquot;newsaquot; service being yanked by a newspaper that distributed it over the Yahoo! wire. ... Another participant, who described himself as a aquot;self-employed security consultant, aquot; drove up in a black Ford Focus, upon which were ... The Ford Focus guy, Barry Shipes, explained that he had bought the company with that particular stock symbol about a year before, anbsp;...

Title:Wall Street Versus America
Author:Gary Weiss
Publisher:Penguin - 2007-05-29


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