Walking the Mona Lisa

Walking the Mona Lisa

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Walking the Mona Lisa is a true story, although you may not believe some parts. I was there and sometimes I dona€™t believe it. Ita€™s an attempt to chronicle the life of a devoted, compassionate, and gifted golden retriever, and the affect she had on those around her, specifically me. Two family tragedies had left me bitter and alone, and I was convinced I would remain that way for the rest of my life. Then Ilsa came along and all that changed. Ilsa was purebred golden who came from essentially dog royalty. Her grandfather was Topbrass Cotton who was a National Amateur Field Trial Champion, the equivalent of a Mastera€™s or Wimbledon winner. She grew to become a world-class retriever in her own right, and had I trained her differently Ia€™m sure she could have won numerous field trials. At first I didna€™t recognize Ilsaa€™s full potential. That didna€™t happen until I met my wife, who has a wonderful understanding of dogs. With her help Ilsa grew to become a serenely confident, appreciative and giving being. Ilsa rapidly grew into a reliable, hard-working, enthusiastic and willing hunting companion. She was doing things at 6- and 8-months old which other dogs wouldna€™t be able to do until they were 2 or 3 years old. Multiple retrieves were no problem since she trusted me implicitly; if I told her there was something to retrieve she believed me and gave it her best. By the time she was 5 she was better than most hunting dogs would ever be; she rarely flushed birds out of range, she didna€™t fidget in the blind so as to scare away decoying birds, and she never gave up. With Marcya€™s tutelage, I quickly realized we needed to reward Ilsa in special ways since she was such a special being. I had been taking her everywhere with me before I met Marcy, including to work and on an extended road trip, but Marcy convinced me she deserved more. We started to give her special food treats such as homemade dog biscuits of various flavors, dried fruit and frozen yogurt. In addition she was a co-host at all our parties, and our friends came to expect Ilsa to greet them at the door. Ilsa had had a profound effect on me; I had changed from a grumpy, lonely man to someone who once again reveled in the beauties of nature and the simpler things in life. Because of Ilsa I was able to welcome Marcy into my life (and Ilsaa€™s) and we became a€œThe Three Sweetiesa€. And we continued to show Ilsa our appreciation by including her in everything we did, including our wedding. She also got to travel with us whenever possible, so that when she died she had swum in both oceans, stayed in 4-star hotels, traveled by private train car, limousine and horse-drawn carriage, and had parties thrown in her honor. In so many ways Ilsa was much more than just a dog. She was an integral part of our lives and she had a say in most everything we did. Her legacy lives on in our hearts and minds. I will always cherish every moment I had with her.We had the radio on and there was talk of severe thunderstorms. I turned the radio up just in time to hear a tornado warning for a€œsoutheastern Dickey Countya€. ... I told my brother to get his dogs in the car and get out of the shelterbelt. Being in aanbsp;...

Title:Walking the Mona Lisa
Author:Jim Simpson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-04-11


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