Walking in Space

Walking in Space

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In Walking in Space: Development of Space Walking Techniques, David Shayler provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of EVA techniques, available for the first time in a readable form - other than NASA publications. The author draws on original documentation, personal interviews of astronauts with experience of EVAs, and accounts by those involved in suit design, EVA planning and operations. Moving on from the pioneering of EVA techniques during the Gemini programme, the author describes the basic requirements in terms of the equipment that every spacewalker needs, the development of training techniques - currently all completed on Earth - the surface explorations of the Moon by the Apollo astronauts and the numerous activities performed by Shuttle astronauts and those aboard the Salyut and Mir Space Stations, such as satellite servicing, equipment upgrading and repair missions. He also describes the development of techniques for ensuring crew safety during EVAs and looks ahead to future EVAs from the International Space Station and the development of new technology, including robotic assistance.Performance analysis using Stochastic Petri ... Rev 1.1, http://www.oasis.com/ support/downloads/mosttechnology/MOSTSpecification_Fr amework_lVl.pdf, 1999. ... A new algorithm for implementation of design functions by available devices. ... The fragile base class problem and its solution. ... IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 18(8):674-704, 1992. ... MDA experiment in telecom industry.

Title:Walking in Space
Author:David Shayler
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-04-21


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