Wake Up & Lose Weight

Wake Up & Lose Weight

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'Wake Up a Lose Weight' is a life raft in a market flooded with disinformation and unrealistic regimes. Motivated by her frustration with years of failed attempts, the author cuts through the confusion and clearly communicates to readers the cold, hard truths to achieving permanent weight loss in a modern world. Revolutionary in its approach and truly enlightening, the book has been written for women living authentic, busy lives. Born out of actual experience rather than just theory, it approaches the subject of weight loss from several new directions, challenging what have become the conventional norms and championing its own weight loss plan based on what actually works in reality. It intelligently highlights the external and internal factors that subtly derail us when attempting to lose weight, as well as controversially debating the taboo subject of exercise, suggesting it is unnecessary or has a secondary role in weight loss programs.2000 (consumed) a€“ 2000 (burned) = 0 No weight loss or gain 2000 (consumed) a€“ 1700 (burned) = +300 Weight Gain The tricky part is calculating your calorie ... In order to do this we first have to calculate your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

Title:Wake Up & Lose Weight
Author:Julie Draper
Publisher:Julie Draper - 2013-12-02


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