Vuja De

Vuja De

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The blast is so powerful car alarms are set off blocks away. The front of the building looks as if the fist of Fate had decided to punch its way in! Watching the smoke clear, what scares Harry Sheffield the most is that he knew this was going to happen. At his side Dr. Natalie Fratelli can only look on in horror. Without reason Harry and Nat suddenly find themselves no longer pawns in the game of life, but players. Some higher power, be it Fate or God, has pulled back the curtain and revealed more than they want or care to know. Is life predestined or can the outcomes be rearranged? Utilizing their new yet uncontrollable gifts, Harry and Nat are about to find out. Do they have the ability to stop the death and destruction which is inexplicably plaguing Boston or are they still puppets in a larger game? The pieces are in place and Fate is ready to roll the dice. Nat and Harry are about to try and change the rules.Improper alignment was similar to plugging the wiring harness of a new car stereo in backwards. Fuses blew and the sound ... Reconnecting it was impossible as the a€œwiring diagrama€ had been thrown away with the packing. To date, no humananbsp;...

Title:Vuja De
Author:Ken Steinberg
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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