Voices in the Wardrobe

Voices in the Wardrobe

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Detoxing turns deadly when Hollywood agent Charlie Greene vows to prove that her troubled friend is no killer Agreeing to accompany her old friend Maggie to San Diegoa€™s exclusive Marina del Sol spa is a no-brainer for harried Hollywood agent and single mom Charlie Greene. What could be bad about chilling in the spaa€™s purifying, gently eddying waters? Or being wrapped in seaweed and pampered with a granite body scrub and deep-tissue massage? Plenty, it turns out, when, after a lecture on orgasm after menopause, the camera-ready motivational speaker, Dr. Judy Judd, is found dead in one of the spaa€™s pools. Maggie becomes the prime suspect when ita€™s discovered that she was the last person to see the celebrity doctor alive. Charlie can barely get a coherent word out of hera€”especially with Maggie doped up on a dizzying cocktail of meds for her depression and wild mood swings. Then another murder rocks the spa. Joining forces with her ex-boyfriend, studly movie-star-turned-director Mitch Hilsten, Charlie fights to clear Maggiea€™s name. But she may not be able to stop the killer, whoa€™s loose among the pampered detoxers and preparing for one final cleanse.Charlie yelled over Maggiea#39;s protests and led the way outside and around the building to the service road. ... a€œWas Libbya#39;s Jeep gone? ... a€œThe Wrangler wasna#39;t in the lot, Charlie, a€ Mitch said from somewhere in the standingroomonly space.

Title:Voices in the Wardrobe
Author:Marlys Millhiser
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-05-05


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