Vital Signs

Vital Signs

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EMERGENCY! Pulse: Normal Temperature: Normal Heart: Out of control! Pediatric nurse Hailey Bergstrom, a nurturing but plain woman, knows the score. For her there will be no romance, no marriage, no child of her own. And then a little boy badly in need of a warm, caring home appears on her ward, and social worker Roy Zedyck walks into her life. Suddenly Hailey's heart is out of controla€”with love for both the child and Roy. Gentle Roy, who feels as deeply for Hailey as she does for him. And then chooses to deal Hailey's hopeful heart a blow that will send her reelinga€bIa#39;ve figured out how to put up drywall and Ia#39;m not bad at painting. Ia#39;ve gotten pretty good at sanding. Ia#39;ve even done some minor electrical repairs.a€ She sounded ... And I ask the clerks at Home Depota€”theya#39;re really knowledgeable. But a lot of itanbsp;...

Title:Vital Signs
Author:Bobby Hutchinson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-03-15


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