Virus Expression Vectors

Virus Expression Vectors

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The specific mechanisms involved in the replication and gene expression of a number of viruses have been under investigation for many years. At present, significant breakthroughs to the field of virology in general have led to a more complete understanding of virus replication as well as the interactions between viruses and their hosts during the infection process. One of the more recent and prominent outcomes of this accumulation of knowledge has been the ability of viruses from many origins to be engineered and developed for use as expression vectors. Virus expression vectors can be developed for a wide variety of purposes ranging from gene therapy delivery systems to vaccine production systems or even to novel protein production systems for applications in industry. This book contains the accumulative effort of an array of leading international scientists who have worked toward developing virus expression vectors for these and other purposes. The development of animal, plant and insect viruses as expression vector systems has been included. Each chapter contains a literature review and highlights more recent developments within the authors' laboratories with respect to areas such as research in virus vector development, virus replication, or specific virus-host cell interactions. A number of these studies have now left the laboratory bench and are at the stage of preliminary clinical trials or, as in the case of plant virus expression vectors, field trials. This book is dedicated to my father Dennis C. Hefferon, who is a lawyer and academic, not a virologist, but nonetheless provided the inspiration for creating Virus Expression Vectors.... correct plant spacing, row structure, the usage of fertilizers and watering schedule) (Miele, 1997, Fitzmaurice et al., 2002). ... The best results were obtained by immersing an entire plant into a bacterial suspension and applying a weak vacuum (0.5-1 ... Summary, future directions More recent developments in the design of Novel approaches to protein expression using plant viral expression vectors 373.

Title:Virus Expression Vectors
Author:Kathleen L. Hefferon
Publisher: - 2007-01-01


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