Virology Methods Manual

Virology Methods Manual

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The Virology Methods Manual is a comprehensive source of methods for the study, manipulation, and detection of viruses. Edited by Brian Mahy and Hillar Kangro, this work describes the most up-to-date, definitive techniques, provided by experts in each area, and presented with easy-to-use, step-by-step protocols. This new manual will satisfy the needs of virologists and all those working with viruses who need a practical guide to methods that work! Key Features * Provides up-to-date techniques by experts worldwide * Presents common, step-by-step protocols in an attractive, easy-to-use fashion * Contains useful appendices including virus taxonomy, metabolic inhibitors, and Bio-safety in the virology laboratoryChaos Buffer For 100 ml combine the following: 50 g GuSCN {4.2 m), 2.5 ml 20% Sarkosyl, 1 .25 ml 2 m Tris HCI pH 8.0, dH20 to 99.7 ml and filter these 0.45 p, Millipore filter then add 0.7 ml beta mecaptoethano! per 100 ml just prior to use.

Title:Virology Methods Manual
Author:Hillar O. Kangro, Brian W.J. Mahy
Publisher:Academic Press - 1996-04-16


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