Virago 4

Virago 4

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Jake Simms has it all. He flies airplanes and helicopters. Hea€™s a deacon at his church, teaches Sunday school, has a loving wife and two wonderful kids. But the kids are in college and his wife is getting downsized at work. And he has no job. But wait! They need pilots for a government contractor. They say he's going to be in the Middle East somewhere. Just can't say where, security reasons. Turns out its a little farther out, off world to be exact. Seems that our government has been in contact with a race of advanced aliens. Jake is going to a world that 30 centuries ago the inhabitants not only managed to destroy each other but sterilize the planet's surface. Humans aren't the only ones to go to war over religious differences. And they also want us to work with another species. So Jake meet you new copilot, a 6 foot tall intelligent ant named Fred. Not all the weapons left from the war are harmless, one still remains and the only thing worse than it leaving Virago 4 is its arrival on Earth.Although it acted like a normal cell phone when a regular call came in, when the restricted number came up instead of pressing the familiar green button. ... Ia#39;m on my way.a€ a€œVery well then.a€ The voice said.a€ Have a safe flight.a€ The call ended before Jake could thank whoever it was for finally returning his call. ... A quick call to the tower and with takeoff clearance the Cessna 185 took off and headed north .

Title:Virago 4
Author:JW Luff
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2012-05-15


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