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In the few decades since they first blipped their way onto television screens, videogames have become one of the most culturally, socially and economically significant media forms. Newman's volume considers how we might approach videogames as media texts to be read, experiences to be played and played with, systems and simulations to be decoded and interrogated, and performances to be captured, codified and preserved. The updated second edition examines the emergence of new platforms as well as changing patterns of production and consumption in its analysis of Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile gaming. The new final chapter explores recent developments in games scholarship with particular focus falling on the study of gameplay as socially situated, 'lived experience', and on strategies for game history, heritage and preservation. In drawing attention to the fragility and ephemerality of hardware, software and gameplay, this new edition encourages readers and players not only to consider how games might be studied but also what can, will and should be left behind for the next generation of games researchers.... 54a€“56 piracy see software piracy Plants vs Zombies 35, 73, 133 platform games 10, 60, 75, 137, 151 PlayStation platform 2, 5a€“6 ... PlayStation 2 (PS2) 38, 121, 138; PlayStation 3 (PS3) 2, 29; PlayStation Move 56, 107; PlayStation Vita 2, 32, anbsp;...

Author:James Newman
Publisher:Routledge - 2013


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