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Former SEAL Team Six leader and American hero Richard Marcinko is back in action with a thriller ripped from tomorrow's headlines. Mixing fact with fiction, Marcinko returns to his authentic, no-holds-barred style in the latest explosive installment of his New York Times bestselling series, Rogue WarriorRAr: Vengeance. Armed with irreverent wit and a fully loaded submachine gun, Marcinko's fictional alter ego takes no prisoners as he and his Red Cell II team tackle fat-cat American bureaucrats as well as terrorists. Interspersing action with his classic combination of wisecracks and earthy humor, Marcinko crams a chemical explosion, a high-speed helicopter chase, a train hijacking, and a headless corpse into the first few pages. When it becomes clear that terrorists are gunning for Demo Dick as well as the country's most precious symbols and institutions, things become very personal. Forget the Rogue Warrior's usual terms of endearment -- this time he's out for blood. Launched on an all-out international hunt, Demo Dick discovers a plot targeting the country's largest shipping port for liquefied petroleum gas...but that's just a prelude for Independence Day. Of all the thriller writers out there today, only one has truly walked the walk and talked the talk. Marcinko infuses his new book with stories and details that could come only from the inside -- which makes them all the more alarming. Reserve the edge of your seat for this one....On cell phones, GPSa€”the abbreviation stands for a€œglobal positioningsystema€ but ita#39;s become a generic term for any positioning system, in this case one using cell towersa€”allows 911 operators to locate you. Shunt explained that the cell ... Hea#39;d called Rogue Manor and wanted an update. Would that count?a€ a€œWell, like, if ... Ia#39;ll have to talk to some of my gear- head friends at Verizon. Maybe we could, like, anbsp;...

Author:Richard Marcinko
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2005-05-31


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