Venantius Fortunatus

Venantius Fortunatus

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Venantius Fortunatus, writing in the latter half of the sixth century, was not only a major Latin poet, but also an important historical figure. Born in the north of Italy and given a classical education in Ravenna, he travelled as a young man to seek patronage in the courts of Merovingian Gaul, writing both formal and informal poetry for three of the royal brothers, Sigibert, Charibert and Chilperic, and for many influential figures in ecclesiastical and secular life. He settled eventually in Poitiers, as the close friend of the ex-queen Radegund, of Agnes, abbess of the community Radegund had founded, and the major historian of the period, Gregory of Tours. In the period of cultural transition, he played an important part in adapting and developing literary traditions, influencing not only his contemporaries but also succeeding generations. He also played a personal role in events of national and international significance; his poems allow us vivid glimpses of the individual lives and characters of his patrons, painting a picture of a literary, not merely literate, culture, which complement's Gregory's canvas of bloodthirsty dynastic feuding.A quarrel about the right of inheritance of the five cities in question exaccerbated the bitterness between Sigibert and Brunhild, ... This poem is a lamentation and consolation on the princessa#39; death, written by Fortunatus possibly in an attempt to avoid the bitter family feud which in fact ... also the similarity of the nursea#39;s role to that of Didoa#39;s nurse in the Aeneid, and that of Rumour carrying the tragic news to anbsp;...

Title:Venantius Fortunatus
Author:Venance Fortunat ((saint ;), Judith W. George
Publisher:Liverpool University Press - 1995-01-01


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