Using Data Management Techniques to Modernize Healthcare

Using Data Management Techniques to Modernize Healthcare

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Healthcare organizations with sound human resources (HR) infrastructures are better able to hire, develop, promote, and retain employees who match up well with their specific needs. Using Data Management Techniques to Modernize Healthcare explains how to modernize your HR systems through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT), and other empirical methods. Identifying new technologies and processes that can help to reduce HR labor costs while increasing efficiency and quality of care, it examines the weaknesses that exist in the hiring and employee management practices of todaya€™s healthcare organizations. With a focus on the systemic issues related to hiring and compensation, the book provides detailed information regarding HR protocols, IT related issues, and workplace culture. It suggests ways to speed up candidate reviews and explains how to use IT and AI to reduce the number of bad hires. Other topics covered include five key drivers of hospital growth, the digital revolution and its relevance to healthcare companiesa€™ HR practices, and ideas you can use to increase employee satisfaction and retention. Providing helpful tips for modernizing HR processes that can save your healthcare organization time and money, the book begins with a historical overview of the growth of the hospital industry and the challenges it currently faces. Next, it discusses HR infrastructures and details methods for improving your hiring systems. The final part of the book covers employee development and promotion programs, the proper management and motivation of staff, and the unique HR and IT challenges facing rural hospitals. The booka€™s appendix includes copies of key checklists, figures, and tables found throughout the book. After reading this book, you will understand how to compare your current HR system to the authors' proposed 21st century model so that you can pinpoint the HR processes that must be retooled to modernize your system.Second, they must identify what automated systems are available and determine which ones are the best fit for their specific organization. Finally, they have to ensure that their employees make the best use of these new technologies. ... I will leave it to technical manuals to delve into the minutiae of various programming languages, data analytics processes, and ... ways in which healthcare organizations can leverage relatively basic IT-related tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Access, anbsp;...

Title:Using Data Management Techniques to Modernize Healthcare
Author:Anthony Matthew Hopper, MA, MHA
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-07-28


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