USA in Decline

USA in Decline

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The US and its citizens are addicted to debt much as a drug addict is hooked on heroin. Unless the US achieves rehabilitation, this failing alone will ensure that the USA will continue to decline relative to many other countries. Liberals are now firmly in control in the USA. In this political climate, there is no indication that our debt will not continue to increase dramatically. The modus operandi is to give a short term fix to all problems by dramatically increasing debt. The present financial crisis, itself caused by excessive debt is being fixed by even more debt. The burden for the few who pay taxes will become increasingly onerous and increasingly unacceptable for future generations. The best and the brightest will turn away from the USA, increasing the US relative rate of decline. Much that has been achieved in the USA since the end of the Second World War has been achieved by people not born in the USA. In future, the USA increasingly will not be the destination of choice for people with the most to offer. Instead it is the destination for illegal immigrants at the other end of the social scale. The USA is considered ugly by the rest of the world because it makes no effort to control its gluttony. In the USA, 25% of the world's energy is consumed by 5% of the world population. The USA also leads the world in obesity and in debt. The USA does not pay for its insatiable consumption. Despite its great opportunities, the USA has a high percentage of free loaders who pay little or no income taxes. They have become home owners through debt that they have not worked and saved to afford, through policies of US Liberal government. The ensuing tsunami is now engulfing the less fortunate people throughout the world, who are genuinely poor and are now having to suffer the consequences of our worthless paper debt instruments, while the USA takes on huge new debt to continue to feed its addiction instead of facing up to the reality of living within its means.The company said the cumulative impact on cash through 2009 is projected to be about $15 billion. ... The best way to appreciate how car manufacturing in China has changed is to look at the Ford factory, a 50-50 joint venture with the Changa#39; an Automobile Company. The first production line was supposed to be simple, relying heavily on manual labor and producing a sturdy Fiesta sedan of older design.

Title:USA in Decline
Author:David J. Phillips
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12


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