Urbanisation, unlimited

Urbanisation, unlimited

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In a series of essays, the process of urbanisation a€“ a human mega-trend acquiring unprecedented scale and speed as globalisation proceeds a€“ is examined in the most diverse contexts and stages of development. Drawing on scientific references and identifying recurring themes like dispersion, privatisation and vitality, Fiedler devises the glossary for a cross-cultural understanding of the global urban system emerging. Images and anecdotal evidence reconnect these themes to local realities. The tone of the essays conveys a post-voluntarist attitude, derived from many years of professional experience a€“ critical of both neoliberal practices and determinist ideas. To a€œcondemn the realitya€ of global urbanization a€œis fruitlessa€, writes Johannes Fiedler in this unlimited view of a world of constant motion, subject no longer to just its planetary rotations, but also to the constant push and pull of its various populations, some of whose giant constructions shift the eartha€™s axis. From the foreword by Lars LerupA Thematic Journey Johannes Fiedler ... and 2013 and takes into account the changed environment after the 2008 crisis triggered by the collapse of the US housing bubble ... Besides giving an insight into the global situation, the essays and anecdotes that make up this book should help ... not grow out of art history, but out of artistic practice, and society is not created by sociology but by social interaction.

Title:Urbanisation, unlimited
Author:Johannes Fiedler
Publisher:Springer - 2014-05-28


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