Urban Politics

Urban Politics

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This popular text mixes classic theory and research on urban politics with the most recent developments and data in urban and metropolitan affairs. Its balanced and realistic approach helps students understand the nature of urban politics and the difficulty of finding effective qsolutionsq in a suburban and global age. The ninth edition has been thoroughly rewritten and updated with a continued focus on economic development and race, plus renewed attention to globalization, gentrification, and changing demographics. Boxed case studies of prominent recent and current urban development efforts provide material for class discussion, and concluding material demonstrates the tradeoff between more qidealq and more qpragmaticq urban politics. Key changes in this edition include: Every chapter has been thoroughly updated and rewritten. The Ninth Edition reflects the most current census data and the newest trends in such areas as the qnew immigration, q suburbanization, gentrification, and big-city revivals; There is coverage of the big-city pension crisis and politics in Stockton, Detroit, and other cities facing possible bankruptcy; A brand-new opening chapter introduces the concepts of the Global City, the Entertainment City, and the Bankrupt City; New photos and boxes appear throughout the book; Increased coverage of policies for sustainable urban development.(New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1980), p. 79. ... Most significantly, the Progressive Era reformers instituted merit employment systems (also called civil service ... the new merit rules required municipal hiring decisions to be based on an applicanta#39;s test scores and job qualifications. ... trained in technical areas such as planning, civil engineering, budgeting, accounting, and personnel management.

Title:Urban Politics
Author:Myron Levine
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-02-20


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