Up from the Abyss

Up from the Abyss

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I assure you, though, there is nothing trite about coming down with Guillain-Barre syndrome. For the person hit by it, it's war and revolution wrapped in one: A catastrophe, an upheaval, a devastating blow. But also an invaluable experience and a possibility for renewal. I wouldn't be what I am now, a man at peace with himself and the world, had I not come down with, and fought back from, this terrible ailment. But I don't want to sound excessive. It isn't terminal cancer at young age, or trauma-induced coma and vegetative state; but, as Joseph Heller said, it's no laughing matter, either. The blessing about Guillain-Barre syndrome-and I mean that with only a little bit of irony-is that it doesn't affect the gray matter upstairs. You know it's bad, but you also know it can be defeated, and the struggle to overcome it lends a tremendous meaning of truthfulness to the old saying: 'That which does not kill you.q You know the rest. It can paralyze you completely, and, occasionally, do you in, but the road back or, as I imply in my title, the uphill struggle from the abyss is Herculean and character forming.qRochester Lead Works is a business that supplies local collision shops and do- ityourself or amateur auto body technicians in ... out into the lucrative world of automotive paints and related paraphernalia for those who repair accidentdamaged cars, or restore classic and antique ones. ... in August of 1996 after earning a doctorate in Modern European History at the University of Rochester the previous May.

Title:Up from the Abyss
Author:Italo Giovanni Savella
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-07


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