Up All Night

Up All Night

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A collection of one-act plays by rising Los Angeles playwright Gregory Crafts. Developed from only a short writing prompt, these plays were written, rehearsed and put up in front of a live audience within in a single 24 hour window. Liquid Courage: A comedy about looking for love in all the wrong places. Wanna Bet?: It's Dana's birthday. Both her husband and her best friend have made plans for a wonderful evening. Completely different plans... Cut by Occam's Razor: Two aliens work to formulate a plan after their ship has crashed in the 1940's Nevada desert. But they'd better hurry, because here comes the US Army! Yellow Means Caution: Max comes home and finds that his wife, Loretta has painted every surface in their apartment bright yellow. Is it a bold style choice, or a sign that there's something amiss? Paved With Good Intentions: A comical disaster in one act full of geek humor. Pink Hat Blues: A quirky comedy about baseball and what it really means to root for the home team.What happened to my profile? Where are my saved games? LORETTA: Hmm? MAX: What happened to my games? What did you do?? LORETTA: I dona#39;t know. Something about a factory reset. Honestly, I was lucky to figure out how to turn theanbsp;...

Title:Up All Night
Author:Gregory Crafts
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2012-08-01


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