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From one of the most provocative entrepreneurs of our time, Marc Ecko reveals his formula for building an authentic brand or business in a compelling how-to guide thata€™s perfect to a€œeducate the next generation of dreamersa€ (Kirkus Reviews). As instructive as it is innovative, Unlabel empowers you to channel your creativity, find the courage to defy convention, and summon the confidence to act and compete in any environment. This visual blueprint teaches you how to grow both creatively and commercially by testing your personal brand against the principles of the Authenticity Formula. Marc Ecko shares the bruising mistakes and remarkable triumphs that reveal the truth behind his success, growing from a misfit kid airbrushing T-shirts in his parentsa€™ garage to the bold creator of two hugely successful branded platformsa€”Ecko Unltd. and Complex Media. As Ecko explains, ita€™s not enough to simply merge your inner artist with business savvy, you must understand the anatomy of a brand, starting with its authentic spine. With Unlabel, you will discover your own voice by overcoming fear, take action and deliver on your promises, understand why failure is essential, learn how your product or service makes people feel, and recognize if your nostalgia for the past is hampering your ability to envision your future. Unlabel provides a bold and honest approach to building an authentic personal brand, and a roadmap for growing a bootstrap start-up into a sustainable business.An old-school manual screen-printing press. In each station, someone pulls his own squeegie. a€œSix colors. Maybe nine, a€ I said. a€œNine colors? Try six, kid.a€ Big Phil casually touched his pistol. a€œSix Ta€shirts. I have six designs that I want to print as anbsp;...

Author:Marc Ecko
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-05-05


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