UNIX Complete

UNIX Complete

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UNIX Complete is a one-of-a-kind computer book -- valuable both for its broad content and its low price. This book contains the essentials you need to know about using the popular operating system of universities and research centers, as well as at many Fortune 500 companies. Enormously powerful, UNIX is also complex enough to require that users first read a tutorial and then keep a reference handy for specialized commands. With UNIX Complete, you'll learn how to get the most out of UNIX System V -- from building file systems to connecting to remote computers and the Internet, and using mainstream programs. As you become more proficient with UNIX, you'll find the UNIX System V Desk Reference to be an invaluable daily tool. This comprehensive reference quickly puts every command, option, and concept at your fingertips. UNIX Complete introduces you to the work of some of Sybex's finest authors, so you'll know where to go to learn even more about what's possible with UNIX. Inside: Getting Started * Gaining access to the Internet * Learning the SCO Unix GUI * Using simple commands File Systems Understanding directories, trees, and hierarchies Creating your own files Establishing home rule and permissions Setting up electronic mail Your Own Personalized Unix Changing your password Choosing your shell Creating login profiles Exploiting the Shell Shell and Subshell Variables More on Metacharacters Advanced Shell Scripts Reaching Out to Remote Computers UUCP a UUCP security Unix and Networking: Reaching the Promised LAN Accessing the Internet Basic System Administration Essential administration Backing Up X Windows Exposed X Windows Managers: Open Look and Motif Using X X Marks the Spot: The Future of X Windows Inside Windows -- Opening the Door to Mainstream Applications Unix Applications... Get 'em Now! Vision and Merge Reference Guide The Complete UNIX Desk Reference: an A-Z listing of UNIX commands and concepts

Title:UNIX Complete
Author:Peter Dyson, Stan Kelly-Bootle, John Heilborn
Publisher:Sybex - 1999-06-11


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