Unix and Linux

Unix and Linux

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In this updated edition, authors Deborah and Eric Ray use crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce you to all of today's Unix essentials. Youa€™ll find the information you need to get started with the operating system and learn the most common Unix commands and concepts so that Unix can do the hard work for you. After mastering the basics of Unix, youa€™ll move on to how to use directories and files, work with a shell, and create and edit files. Youa€™ll then learn how to manipulate files, configure a Unix environment, and runa€“and even writea€“scripts. Throughout the booka€“from logging in to being roota€“the authors offer essential coverage of Unix.See characters spelling checks dictionary lookup for, 281 looping scripts for, 200 nano editor, 78 piped commands for, ... in vi, 86a€“87 tidy utility, 304a€“306, 375a€“376 tilde (~) character, 17 time manually setting, 302 real vs. user and system, 184.

Title:Unix and Linux
Author:Eric J. Ray, Deborah S. Ray
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2014-07-07


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