Universal Health Care Problems in the United States of America

Universal Health Care Problems in the United States of America

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This book is intended be a thought-provoking discussion of real issues in the healthcare debate as seen through the eyes of suffering consumers.qHe who feels it, knows itqIt is not intended as a substitute for any study generated by specialists in the fields of finance, economics, government, or healthcare related law. It simply documents and discusses challenges in health-related experiences in everyday life of ordinary people, not law makers. It is a qhe, who feels it, knows itq life record of experiences of the under-privileged in America.This straightforward read incorporates the health systems of different countries with the purpose of provoking the reader to analyze and compare the healthcare system in the United States of America with that of other countries, some of which are industrialized nations, while others are developing nations; and to challenge the government representatives on the issues.Peter Schoppa of Germany (Chapter 10) states, qHealth insurance and nursing insurance are ruled by the principle of legal liability to insure. Immaterial are age, sex, and personal status, state of health or citizenship of the insured.q The U.S. is faced with a health crisis that impacts its past and current economical situation. U.S. Census Bureau August 2008 report that: there were 35.920 million uninsured U.S. citizens and 9.737 million uninsured foreign nationals residing within the United States, that is qnearly 46 millionq uninsured people in the United States.What is often discussed in the media is rather exciting, loquacious, and thrilling. These discussions and conclusions relate to issues occurring on another planet - NOT this one down here! I believe that the treatment of the healthcare issues as presented in this book will help law makers and the media, make informed decisions about universal healthcare on this planet - Earth!After my deferment period ended, my loans were turned over to Sallie Mae for an automatic calculation to a 30-year payoff period. The total that went through Sallie Mae was about $64, 000. The other $16, 000 was made up of private loans andanbsp;...

Title:Universal Health Care Problems in the United States of America
Author:C Ovid Trouth, M Wagner
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2010-09-23


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