Unholy Alliance

Unholy Alliance

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Imagine a company so big and so powerful that its annual turnover is equal in size to China's entire GDP. A company whose gross turnover for just one financial year is sufficient to buy at current market value the world's three largest public companies: General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell and Microsoft. A company that if it dipped into its petty cash could in the same year also buy Coca-Cola. A company where ten days' turnover is in excess of the combined assets of the world's top fifty banks. It exists. Its current annual turnover of more than $500 billion is derived from just three products: heroin, cocaine, marijuana. The drugs cartel of cartels is a factual reality, but sometimes it is only through fiction that one can get close to the real truth. Drawing on years of experience as a bestselling investigative writer, David Yallop has produced an explosive fiction debut. Unholy Alliance is a breath-taking high-speed race that goes straight to the truth behind the modern American nightmare and into an alarming, but all too believable future.PUNISHMENT. a#39;If any son of a bitch offers me noodles as my main course again, so help me, Ia#39;ll take him out.a#39; Oscar had not travelled well. a#39;Have you any idea how it feels for me to be sitting in this city? ... Right nowallI have is this goddamn Panasonic DVC Pro cameraand alaptop. Thisis no ... a#39;Good luck, and remember to hold focus and keep the mike near the general. ... There were Christian radiostation broadcasters conducting voxpop interviews and a mass ofChristian TV stations.

Title:Unholy Alliance
Author:David Yallop
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-10-23


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