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Eight kidsa€™ eight secrets, Sally Jenkins is just an average girl, but that all changes when she takes a routine ride on a safe road and it turns deadly. What she thinks is a freak accident turns out to be intentional. She soon figures out that someone is out there watching her and her friends, trying to hunt them down. She and her two new friends, Thomas and Talia, work together to uncover the truth about her dangerous past, but can all seven of them work together long enough to stop evil from rising? Can they manage to stay in the same room without ripping each othera€™s throats out? Will they be able to survive this adventure? But most importantly, will they succeed?I gulped and turned the doorknob. I walked into the ... Once I realized that conversation was over, I was going to address the next problem. a€œOur next problem is that of ... about a car. a€œUhhh, all in favor of hopping a train, a€ I said, 39 UNEXPECTED.

Author:Grace Simmons
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-11-20


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