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Unemployment is currently the major economic concern in developed countries. This book provides a thorough analysis of the theoretical and empirical aspects of the economics of unemployment in developed countries. It emphasizes the multicausal nature of unemployment and offers a variety of approaches for coping with the problem. Contents: Unemployment: Costs and Measurement; Stocks, Flows, Duration and the Incidence of Unemployment; Search, Unemployment and Unfilled Vacancies; Macroeconomics of Unemployment: The Classical Approach; Macroeconomics of Unemployment: The Non-Market Clearing Approach; Non-Natural Unemployment: The Empirical Evidence; The Natural Rate of Unemployment: The Supply Side; The Natural Rate of Unemployment: The Demand Side; Unemployment: Policy and Prospects; Bibliography DThe recently published time series on flows by age is not long enough to provide us with the direct information on the flow/duration ... Some clues can be obtained from the work of Bowers and Harkess (l979) who find the expected duration of unemployment increases for all ... firms to hoard non-manual and manual workers in recession for reasons explored both earlier in this chapter and in chapter one.

Author:K. G. Knight
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1986-01-01


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