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Something in Southern Florida has been killing and mutilating pets, livestock, and now people. Tabloid reporter, Chris Spencer, has been assigned to cover the story. He and his partner, Crasher, have enlisted the aid of two Native American guides to take them into the murky and deadly Florida swamps. One of the guides, Samantha, is as beautiful as she is mysterious and Chris quickly falls for her. He hopes that, with Sam's help, he'll be able to discover what sort of strange and unknown creature makes the desolate woods and marshland its home. Sam is moody and secretive throughout the trip, leaving Chris to wonder whether or not he can trust her. She says she believes that the legendary chupacabra is responsible for the mutilations, while Chris leans more towards the possibility of some other new and deadly species being the cause. Sam knows more than she's telling however, and Chris is about to have the shock of his life because the cause of these mutilations is something he could never have imagined. Something is out there Something unnatural Something deadly Something unearthly.Sam seemed to be trying to make light of the womana#39;s unsought warning. ... a€œIa#39;ve got to wash these damn lovebugs off my Jeep before they rot the paint. ... The plan was to transfer their gear to another vehicle and leave the Wrangler behind.

Author:Sandra Zeller
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-06


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