Understanding International Counter Terrorism

Understanding International Counter Terrorism

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Understanding of Operational Counter Terrorism is one serious effort to lay out a comprehensive strategy of how to deal with a whole gamut of possible terrorist incidents by using a language that any person or first responders like policemen, security personnel, firemen, paramedics, etc. can understand. This guide covers everything from bombings and hostage- taking, to NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) Terrorism, what needs to be done before, during, and after an event. This manual combines what minimally needs to be understood about Operational Counter- Terrorism by the government- level policy maker, while at the same time helping the personnel on the first responder level who are planning to cope with what must at least initially seem like an overwhelming attack. Terrorism is global and any part of this guide can easily be adapted and translated to any region, law and government in the world. This manual should make clear that the only way, to effectively deal with terrorism is to have a thorough understanding of its present-day characteristics such as who is involved and what weapons and tactics are the terrorists likely to be using. The players on the Counter- Terrorism team need to take stock of what is in their tool boxes; what works and what is required; what new capabilities need to be developed in order to face not only today's terrorist, but also tomorrow's as well.A Professionala#39;s Guide to the Operational Art A. Hunsicker ... Although an action switch is the most common type of detonating device in vehicle bombs, the use of remote- control devices is becoming ... Evidence of tape, wire, or other foreign matter on the outside of the vehicle. ... Because the battery under the hood is an ideal source of power for a concealed explosive device, it is the logical place to start.

Title:Understanding International Counter Terrorism
Author:A. Hunsicker
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 2006


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