Undercover Stranger

Undercover Stranger

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With her girl-next-door looks and quaint doll museum, Ciara O'Malley seemed innocent. But she was secret agent Griffin Black's number-one suspect for a terrible crime, and he knew how to get close enough to uncover her illicit activities. By seducing the truth right out of her. Then walking away. Except all of Griff's make-believe attraction turned surprisingly real once Ciara became a target herself. Suddenly Griff found himself protecting Ciara rather than using her. And yet, even with all his special training, Griff didn't know which was more frighteninga€”how deep this criminal network rana€bor how far one beautiful redhead had worked her way under his skin.Yet a white Mercedes was parked just outside the door. Lucindaa#39;s car? What was she ... Find Griff, thata#39;s what. But how? ... Ciara raced across the street to the museum door and punched the code, but the door didna#39;t open. Strange. Someoneanbsp;...

Title:Undercover Stranger
Author:Pat White
Publisher:Harlequin - 2009-02-01


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