Under the Cover of Darkness

Under the Cover of Darkness

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After the killing of Osama Bin Laden, CIA deep cover officer Mitch Vasari assumed there would be a couple months of peace on the foreign front. It turns out he was mistaken. President Obama, on a roll after the successfula€”and historica€”terrorist assassination, has repealed an executive order that bans further political assassinations. This means Vasari is on call and ready for action. The CIAa€™s objective is to go after foreign heads of state who, for reasons unknown to Vasari, represent threats to American freedom and safety. The assassinations seem easy to plan and undertake, especially with Vasaria€™s skillful team at the helm. They even have a new female agent, Gabriela Rivera Torres, who may be as lethal as Vasari himself. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently, more than they bargained for. Vasari gets the feeling the higher-ups havena€™t told him everything he needs to know. What are the presidenta€™s reasons for going after these particular foreign heads of state? Is there something about these men that makes them more dangerous than other world leaders? Are they, perhaps, working as a team to destroy the United States? Vasari has to carry out his mission and keep his team safe, all while trying to find out the truth for himself. Ita€™s just another daya€™s work for a CIA officer.The cable ordered the captain to take the Akagi to a new position off of North Koreaa#39;s South Hamgyong Province, southeast of the major submarine base at Chaho. More than half of North Koreaa#39;s 90 mini subs use this base as their home port.

Title:Under the Cover of Darkness
Author:Duane De Mello
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-08-25


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