Under an Umbrella of Suspicion and Sabotage

Under an Umbrella of Suspicion and Sabotage

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A novel based off of a DECADE of History as a Medical Marijuana Patient in the State of Colorado.. What happens to this disabled a€œPatienta€ and her Family in this Bone Chilling novel brings question to all who will read. With the legalization of Marijuana comes both Profit and Greed; Under an Umbrella of the Rich and Powerful hand in hand with the other a€œDarka€ and a€œEvila€ Powers that May Or May Not Bea€.... A story about a€œChoicesa€, and a€œWhen is it right to do the right thing?a€ A Story of a marijuana patient willing to challenge the entire state of Colorado on misconducts, fraud and corruption.. only to be set up a sabotaged.. a€œCould this be what my nephew warned me of the week before he was viciously murdered? Could there be a possible connection? a€œAll is not as it seems to bea€ in the a€œWild Wild Westa€ legalized Pot State.. All this and more as Emma Jane Joness dares to go where no man or women in the State has ever dared to go before...It was not until the last stages of the events started unfolding that I realized what her possible connection might have been in it all. The night the nightmare started the car fool of charactera#39;s pulling up to his house on camera and one hispanicanbsp;...

Title:Under an Umbrella of Suspicion and Sabotage
Author:Francis B. Seraph
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-05-26


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