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Aly Carset has no life. She goes to school, does her chores, and dreams of college while watching almost every movie ever produced. But all of that changes when a supposed meteorite crashes near her middle-of-nowhere town and, in seemingly unrelated news, a new kid pops up in school the following week. His name is Io, and hea€™s kind of weird. Following is a friendship with the resident high school weird girl, obstruction of (legal) justice, assault of federal officers, blood, tampering with evidence, chest X-rays, kangaroo rats, irreparable destruction of government property, a broken nose and associated bruising, breaking and entering, a young closet Nazi named Owen, formaldehyde, threat of detainment without cause, hijacking of one flying saucer, minor electrocution, dudes in camo, a Taser gun, and a hammer named Rodrigo. (Not necessarily in that order.) Okay, so thata€™s not true. Ita€™s a spaceship, not a flying saucer.Dad reported that it had loads of levers, a few buttons, and the words a€œDanger High Voltagea€ in yellow and black ... His relief came out to take the night shift after about three minutes. ... Once a week on Friday evening, an unmarked delivery semi pulled in and unloaded boxes of what was probably food and medical supplies. Receiving the information, I exhaled loudly. I suddenly felt like I was in one of those war games boys play on Xbox and PlayStation; the kind where, if you dona#39;t doanbsp;...

Author:Claire M. Balliro
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06-01


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