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Cutting-edge coverage of ultracapacitors and their applications Written by a global expert in the field, this pioneering work discusses ultracapacitors and their applications for short-term electrical energy storage. The book describes different types of ultracapacitors and their classification based on energy storage mechanism and electrode combinations. The characteristics, reliability, cycle life, and properties of ultracapacitors, as well as their manufacturing techniques, are discussed in detail. The book examines various applications of ultracapacitors, including electronics, grid systems, automotive, public transportation, military, and other sectors. Emerging trends are also addressed in this ground-breaking resource. Ultracapacitors covers: Electrochemical capacitors Types of ultracapacitors Ultracapacitor characteristics Ultracapacitor charging Ultracapacitor materials Construction of EC capacitors Ultracapacitor cell balancing and modules Hybrid capacitors Li-ion capacitors Applications in the electronics industry Grid system applications Ultracapacitors in vehicles Bus and rail transport Ultrabattery: advanced battery power Military applications Water desalination Ultracapacitor manufacturers Pseudocapacitors Notes on using ultracapacitors Future scenariosThese electric motors (20 kW or less) provide greater efficiency by replacing the starter and alternator with a single device which assists the power train. Mild hybrids also do not ... The Prius and Ford Escape are full hybrids. Fuel savings with aanbsp;...

Author:R. P. Deshpande
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2015-03-23


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