Ubuntu 10. 10 Essentials

Ubuntu 10. 10 Essentials

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The purpose of this book is to provide the essential knowledge required to install, use and maintain an Ubuntu 10.10 system. Beginning with the basics this book covers the history of Linux and Ubuntu, installation from CDROM and USB flash drive, dual boot configuration, configuring the desktop and implementing wireless networking. Subsequent chapters cover topics such as disk partitioning, configuring a firewall, setting up a web server, enabling email access, adding disk drives and swap space, configuring KVM based virtualization, providing remote desktop access via an SSH tunnel, X11 forwarding, printer configuration, user and group administration and Windows resource sharing. Consisting of 40 chapters of practical examples and detailed content, Ubuntu 10.10 Essentials takes a thorough step by step approach to installing, using and administering Ubuntu 10.10.In this chapter of Ubuntu Essentials we will cover the steps necessary to install Ubuntu on either a new system with no current ... the boot process the BIOS will display a message indicating which key should be pressed to enter Setup.

Title:Ubuntu 10. 10 Essentials
Author:Neil Smyth
Publisher:eBookFrenzy - 2010-10-18


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