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qOK. Ia€™ve got my Twitter accounta€bnow what can I do with it?q Sound familiar? #tweetsmart provides the answer with 25 creative projects to help your business, cause, or organization grow. But this isna€™t just another social media marketing booka€”ita€™s the anti-marketing how-to community-engagement book. Twitter is not a marketing channel (and should never be used as such) but it is a community of interested, engaged, and influential people. Meeting and getting to know these people can help you build your own community. In this useful guide, youa€™ll find projects to help you approach your Twitter audience in ways that are strategic, measurable, and fun. Put a new wrinkle on an old contest: qbe the 10th person to tweetq Create a hashtag game around your company or products Instead of polling, ask your followers to help you make a product decision Make MadLibs out of your marketing copy or mission statement Hold a scavenger hunt, and relay clues via Twitter Organize a weekly Twitter chat on various subjects Solicit funny product shots, using Twittera€™s photo-sharing utility Spontaneously tweet from a store location: qMeet me now and win!q25 Twitter Projects to Help You Build Your Community J. S. McDougall. Twitter. Telephone. Twitter is always evolving. Users are constantly inventing ... timoreilly: a€œI finally figured out the future of profitable publishing. Ia#39;ve written all the secretsanbsp;...

Author:J. S. McDougall
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2012-02-14


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