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The Attero Totus is a weapon that is as ingenious as it is deadly. Developed by scientists within a radical Middle Eastern state, it kills without damaging infrastructure or buildings. The premise being that a brave new world order can be established upon the ignoble bones of the old. Alas, as with all schemes that crave power without morality, it is doomed to failure. Weapons that kill everything can never be tested but can only be used once. As with all devices built by mankind; it has no conscience or inbuilt judgement. As a result the inventors themselves are destroyed by their own crass negligence. The only survivors being those within specific geological areas. The death of most of the human race does not mean the death of love, or conversely the death of evil. It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth; although the wicked may wish to overturn that premise! A story with adult themes that will leave you breathless. People torn from comfortable lives to be thrust into a maelstrom of violence and uncertainty. The characters therein are desperate to survive but at what cost to themselves and others? Life is important, but what is existence without love and friendship?At this moment in time his own problems needed to be solved first before he would be in a fit state help others. ... He barrelled the Mondeo along the road with the slip stream flattening the grass verge in the best traditions of a salesman late for a meeting where commission is at stake. ... Hot metal ticked in the stalled engine, the smell of brake linings and burnt rubber wafted away in a cloud of dust .

Author:Tantum Veritatum
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-06-18


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