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This is the story of my first year as a long-haul truck driver. I started driving after I retired from a long career in the aerospace industry. For eight weekends before I retired I attended the Roadmaster truck driving school and then passed the tests at the DMV to obtain my Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This eBook contains: - stories, photos, and music videos from my year Over The Road - lots of technical info and several training videos on the nuts and bolts of truck driving - tips and advice from lessons learned on the road - my truck driving cartoon series called qThe Rusty Lugnut Funny Pagesq. To give you a taste of it, here is an excerpt from one of my stories: qMy instructor was still clinging to the side of the truck when this all started, so now he was along for the ride. His right arm was holding onto the door frame and his left arm was waving in the air like a cowboy on a bucking bronco. The other students were rolling with laughter. Finally he yelled qPush in the clutch!q I did that and the truck stopped bouncing and came to a stop. When the dust cleared I gave him an embarrassed look and said qSorry 'bout that.q He rolled his eyes and climbed down and said qNextq.a€œSliding the Tandemsa€ One of the things you do frequently is slide your trailer box back and forth on the slider rails to distribute the weight of your load over the three sets of axles (called a€œsliding the tandemsa€). Say for example your CAT Scaleanbsp;...

Author:Doug Peck
Publisher:Booktango - 2012-12-03


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