Tropical Vegetable Production

Tropical Vegetable Production

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This volume consists of two parts. Part 1 comprises 6 chapters concerning the principles and practice of tropical vegetable production (including site, topography, soils and water; site management, seeds and types of cultivars; support for farmers; crop preparation and management; reducing pre- and postharvest losses and marketing surpluses). In Part 2, the crops have been mainly dealt with according to their taxonomy as botanical families, either as single or groups of families per chapter. These include: Alliaceae; Cruciferae [Brassicaceae]; Cucurbitaceae; Solanaceae; Leguminosae; leafy vegetables; Araceae, Convolvulaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Euphorbiaceae; Andean tubers and roots and crops of the Lamiaceae and Apiaceae; and Gramineae [Poaceae] and Cyperaceae. Examples of the indigenous species which can be regarded as important sources of edible vegetative materials which are not dealt with in the main text have been listed in Appendix 1. Contact details of the main international research stations are provided in Appendix 2. This book has been written with the hope and purpose that it will be used by technical, college and university students during their studies of horticulture, crop production and agriculture; it is also for students on other allied courses and agriculturists who find themselves needing more vegetable-orientated information in the course of their professional activities. It is aimed to assist in the production of extension, advisory and research staff and officers who will be the core of trainers, advisors, researchers and extension workers in tropical and subtropical countries.Shinohara, S. (1984) Vegetable Seed Production Technology of Japan, Elucidated with Respective Variety Development ... Stathers, T., Namanda, S., Mwanga, R.O.M., Khisi, G. and Kapinga, R. (2005) Manual for Sweet Potato Integrated Production ... 49a€“52. Thomson, J. (2007) Genetically modified crops a€“ good or bad for Africa? Biologist 54(3), 129a€“133. Tindall, H.D. (1983) Vegetables in the Tropics.

Title:Tropical Vegetable Production
Author:Raymond A. T. George
Publisher:CABI - 2011


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