Tropical Plant Types

Tropical Plant Types

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Tropical Plant Types is a textbook dealing with bacteria and flowering plants of the tropics. It can be used along with books in tropical biology. The book first examines the simpler plant types known as unicellular or those consisting of a thallus. These organisms are the algae, fungi, lichens, bacteria, and some viruses. The text then describes the Bryophyta, the Pteridophyta, and the Spermatophyta. Compared to the others, the Spermatophyta or seed plants grow in wider range of territories and are the dominant land flora. The book then discusses the morphology of the Spermatophyta and their successful characteristics of survival. The book also analyzes the different plant parts, such as the root, the stem, the leaf, and the flower. A couple of chapters discuss pollination, fertilization, and the dispersal of seeds and fruits. The book then gives examples of tropical flower types, with some details on their distribution and morphology. The text also discusses perennial flowering plants, vegetation types, and plant communities found in tropical rain forests, in monsoon forests, and in the drier regions of the earth. The selection can serve as a textbook for pupils nearing the completion of their secondary education, freshmen university students, and for those who need to meet the requirements of the Cambridge Overseas Advanced Level Biology Examination.Paraphyses 77 of Funaria 98 Parasitism 7, 316 Parenchyma 141 diagram of cell 142 in Helianthus 144 Paris 195 Parkia 228 Parthenogonidia 46 Partial Veil 77 Passiflora 185, 186, 211, 222, 240, 261 Passion flower, see Passiflora 222anbsp;...

Title:Tropical Plant Types
Author:B. G. M. Jamieson, J. F. Reynolds
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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