Triumphant Reflections of the Mind

Triumphant Reflections of the Mind

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Triumphant Reflections of the Mind Poems a Essays a€œTo be or not to be? That is the question.a€ Shakespeare had posed this question which led me to this exploration of existence vs. non-existence. One way to look at existence is by persistence, after being recognized as a non-existent, human being. Persistence is used as a vehicle through which one is transported to a reality that they feel is true. Existence involves the recognized five senses, i.e. feeling, touching, seeing (viewing), tasting, and hearing. When acknowledging these five senses, one is able to function as a evolutionary human being leaning toward an international understanding of the benefits mankind received through God, our Father. However, one can be self-actualizing by using the senses available to one by the moment he needs the senses. If, for some reason all five senses are not available, then compensation is brought to the forefront by making the other senses more intense, thereby allowing for the maximization of a unified body functioning at its fullest. Constantly reviewing, applying, and directing self, to maximize each sense in accordance with his conscience a€“ leads to the betterment of society. This betterment can be seen as either good or excellent. Mediocrity has no place to focus on the purest of quests. At this present writing, it is felt that there are many loopholes in the systems developing a quasi or even a false sense of well being.. is it is the thought process of the brain and its motivation to excel or fail, that might allow for a leaning of the masses to entice honest and demonstrative leadership Leadership that is existing, to allow its citizens the fullest benefit for societal gain, could occur if the masses are led by ethical, persuasive, and pure reasons. For decisions made by a person in power, to allow the consideration of an architectural mind building a peaceful environment in the land to which he rules a€“a€“ either by a Republic or not. Is one dilemma in mankinda€™s pursuit of peace. PAX Praise God for our diversity and welcoming new ideas! Jeanne BrohlPoems aamp; Essays Jeanne M. Brohl ... can look forward to their grandchildren sothey are ableto have a chance at being able to teach themgames, coloring and bake cookies w/ them a€“ walking insand dunes andseeing the beach atthe horizon.

Title:Triumphant Reflections of the Mind
Author:Jeanne M. Brohl
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-11-20


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