Trippin' Til I Get Myself Together

Trippin' Til I Get Myself Together

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When love hurts so does life, this is why 31 year old middle school counselor, Shauzlis (Shauz) Johnson wona€™t let love stand in the way of her second chance at coordinating her a€œTen Yeara€ High School Class Reunion. In the meantime, intuition leads Shauz to call it quits with her long term cheating boyfriend Acerion Feldham (Ace). Shauza€™s subconscious thoughts are confi rmed with reality when Acea€™s mistress Kensa tells her exactly where to fi nd evidence of his 13yrs of infi delity. However, even with all of this, Shauz questions whether she should leave a€œher mana€ for some other woman to enjoy, especially after hea€™s been properly molded. But then, as the story unfolds, all thoughts of Ace are off . So she thought. Ace, on the other hand, fi nally wants to be a one woman man these days. But, in order to do so, supernatural change is what he needs. Ita€™s too bad he doesna€™t know it. As Acea€™s career as music producer of rap group StaticOne begins to blow up. His love for his mistress defl ates and his grip on his lady Shauz is loosened. As Ace changes, so does his life. Racquel Caine (Racqui), a thirty-eight year old hairstylist and Shauza€™s best friend, not only believes happiness is found within she knows it. Racqui tries to prove this to her girl by showing Shauz that self liberation is a beautiful gesture and it is possible to be happy and single. Later, Racqui quickly changes her tune when she meets ex-professional football player, Kenny Tillman. Now that Racquel respects relationships, she cana€™t stand to see her girl suff er at the hands of a man. So, she comes up with a plan. Deborah Williams, Shauza€™s older girlfriend, aina€™t worried about no love or no man problems. She needs security. As soon as her husband Jaspa gets out of jail everythinga€™ll be alright with her and the boys. Meanwhile, Deboraha€™s job as Resource Center Specialist for Kemis High aina€™t cuttin it. Shea€™s fed up with Scandalous Scanton her boss and the high schoola€™s Principal. Deborah manages to reserve the auditorium and audio visuals for Shauza€™s Reunion. However, none of this would be possible without handling her own business first by venturing into the world of entrepreneurialism. Deboraha€™s a hustler and a€œonce a hustler always a hustler.a€ Regardless of what, shea€™s gonna get hers. The lives of these characters are intertwined and things unwind at the Kemis High School Class of a€˜88 a€œTen Yeara€ Reunion. Dive into this masterpiece created by Lady Crybaby! Sometimes our minds tell us one thing, but realty tells us another. Are we all creating our own destiny or do we ask ourselves a€œAm I just a€œTrippin Til I Get Myself Together?a€Instead, I hear the radioDJ ask the rap trivia question of the hour. heopineradingto a€œWhat is the meaning of RAP? Weallknow what the music is and what it does for us; now tell me whatR-A-P stands for? ... a€œI know the answer to this!a€ I calmlyanbsp;...

Title:Trippin' Til I Get Myself Together
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-05-19


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