TRICARE: Betrayal in the Philippines

TRICARE: Betrayal in the Philippines

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The Tricare program in the Philippines has been a failure of epic proportion among the first 3 and most important of the following stakeholders: (1) Tricare beneficiaries; (2) Tricare healthcare providers; (3) American taxpayers; (4) Oversight of the Tricare program: U.S. Congress; (5) Administrator of the Tricare program: Defense Health Agency/TRICARE Management Activity (DHA/TMA); and, (6) Tricare contractor: International SOS (ISOS) in the Philippines. Putting it another way, the DHA/TMA and ISOS took an imperfect but partially working model in the Philippines, and made it progressively worse to the point where nothing works, unnecessarily spawning thousands of tragedies, where Tricare beneficiaries and providers are up in arms anytime the word Tricare is mentioned, and where DHA/TMA and ISOS are the only 2 parties congratulating each other on the dysfunctions and tragedies they facilitated, exacerbated and perpetrated.In the TRICARE Fiscal Year 2013 Report to Congresslvii TMA/DHA reported on page 90 of the report that the average under ... Using the DOD Actuary report of retirees and survivors in the Philippines in 2012 and a factor of 1.69 to calculateanbsp;...

Title:TRICARE: Betrayal in the Philippines
Author:James Houtsma - 2014-09-23


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