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Max Mitchell was lucky enough to have survived the nuclear demise the earth has gone through. But his parents weren't. All his life, he was confined to the walls of the Skydome along with the descendants of the other survivors, until one day, when his orphanage's chancellor provides him with valuable information regarding his past and his family. He stumbles upon his great grandfather's journal, Thomas Mitchell, one of the original inhabitants of the underground bunkers that housed people during the nuclear war. He sets out on an adventure to find out more about his past, his lineage, and hidden truths of the Skydomes. Kina, a teenage girl who was made to live among the tribes of South Island, is nothing short of different from the rest. She was physically different, she did not quite fit in, her physical and mental capacities surpassed those of her peers and even her elders. Why is she different? What is her purpose and where did she come from? Is she set to fulfill the prophecy and save the civilizations of the new world? Jump into the world of Traverse and let your imagination run wild as Max and Kina embark on adventures and quests that will surely turn your world around.A five-page laminated book with cartoon pictographs as to how to use the maintenance lift. a€œHa, ha . . .a€ Max chuckled and looked around as if to show someone else the funny caricatures with the slightly larger-than-normal heads adorning the cover. ... This side showed five pictures, one centered on top, the second line with two pictures, and the third line with two more picturesa€”all with the spiky-hairedanbsp;...

Author:Tomer Perry
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2014-09-11


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